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Let me introduce myself!            I am the little girl in the centre of the picture. The date is 9th April 1951, the place is Glasgow, Scotland and the occasion my Grandparents Golden Wedding anniversary. My Mum has my baby brother on her  knee and that’s my Dad standing behind her.                      The others are aunts, uncles and cousins. Just an ordinary family photo!
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We are only here because our  ancestors overcame the odds to survive. Whether by courage and determination, intelligence or talent or just plain luck, the choices they made proved successful.

This site explores the lives of my fore-bearers. How they  lived, worked and began to prosper through the 19th century.

Josiah – escape from the cotton mills

                                           James Kearns – the Irish gene

David Telfer – city merchant

                                       Mary Hope – a far-flung family

William Ferguson – the age of steam

                           Margaret Andrew – Thonliebank teacher

The Struggle for Survival

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